The Grande Prairie Educational Hub

Benefiting from this exceptional location, the forecourt of the facility opens onto a landscaped pedestrian walkway to the south of the plot.

This protected hollow space signposts the main entrance and the presence of a crossing hall bathed in light. With its warm atmosphere this central area welcomes children and parents and is animated by a large open staircase that allows elementary school children to go directly to their playground located on the 1st floor.

The hall is extended by a central gallery, the facility’s veritable backbone, linking all the programs of the educational hub, the nursery and the elementary school.

Placed between the day-care center’s playground and that of the nursery school, this passageway is much more than just for foot traffic, it is a place for meeting, exchanging and conviviality that can also accommodate exhibitions; it rounds out and extends the reception area.

The Sports Center is both accessible from the school and the park with an independent entry that opens onto the park to link the site to the new facilities.

Through rigorous operation, quality interior spaces and generous, legible and luminous shared spaces, we wanted to offer a soft architectural image that fully integrates into the new landscaped district.

The base of the project is treated in sandstone, the red color of which refers to the walls of the former cartridge factories in the park. This mineral also provides a protective image and one of security like an enclosure. Thus, the project is one with its site and its history. Metallic volumes, punctuated by a vertical order and framed by aluminum straight edges, complete the new facility’s overall volume and identity.

6 120 m² - Primary and nursery schools, day-care center and sports hub
19 M€ BT
Chef de projet
Julien Gonin
JM Rameau