Bureaux Portes de Paris

The building’s «comb» shape makes it possible to create the sought-after interruptions and continuities, for it presents two different faces, i.e. on Avenue D. Casanova, it has a strict, urban, continuous, business-like look, while on the Place Dumont it has a more domestic scale with blocks alternating with gardens.

The meeting of these two versions is mostly played out on the lateral exposure to secondary streets. This is where the buildings meet and create a hyphen and dialogue.

So as not to create a monolithic front, the office building’s length was broken up in both its length and height.

The volume looks like a single continuous unit, then, starting from the second floor, there are two set-back volumes, thus alternating set-back and projecting alignments. These different layouts reinforce the corners, their exposure to the side streets and presence of a central road. The office building’s main entrance is located on Avenue D. Casanova.

The predominant material for the façades is brick, a sustainable material, with a variety of appearances that is suitable for both private housing and offices. The setting back of some of the buildings creates a transition of volumes, separating the dominant horizontal order of the office woodwork from the vertical order of the private housing. Placing a metallic «tissue» on the set-back façades reconstitutes a continuity of the façade while preserving the overall composition.

The fragmentation of the apartment buildings on the Place Dumont responds to the continuity of construction of the office buildings. Alternating construction with gardens creates breathing space and opens the block onto the public space. This urban layout makes it possible to return home via a private garden, rather like in a residence, and to strengthen the protection of the halls.

10730 m² - logements (3430 m²), bureaux & commerces (7300 m²)
JM Rameau